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Piezotome Solo: Ref: F57 502

Piezotome Solo LED: Ref: F5 7512

The best of SATELEC® technology in a compact and accessible generator. It integrates the most powerful, reliable and safe components for a use dedicated to

ultrasonic pre-implant surgery Piezotome Solo Led version available (includes Led handpiece + cord) Reliable, powerful and simple, the Piezotome Solo offers essential features!

A complete offer


The Piezotome Solo is delivered with a complete set of indispensable accessories for an immediate use:

  • 1 powerful Piezotome Solo unit
  • 1 boosted ultrasonic handpiece (6 ceramics)
  • 1 footwitch with arch
  • 1 "Essential" kit with its dynamometric wrench

With the "Essential" kit including 6 tips for:

  1. BS1 Slim - F87525 Osteotomy and Piezocision (surgical orthodontics)
  2. BS4 -        F87504 Osteoplasty
  3. LC2 -        F87542 Extraction
  4. SL1 -        F87511 Sinus Lift
  5. SL2 -        F87512 Sinus Lift
  6. SL3 -        F87513 Sinus Lift

Unlimited clinical opportunities; access to all SATELEC® surgical tips.


  • Supply voltage: 100 VAC - 230 VAC - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Equipment classification: Class I, BF type
  • Ultrasonic frequency: Minimum 28 Khz
  • Dimensions (W x H x D and weight): 378 x 136 x 306 mm; 3.7 kg
  • Multi-function footswitch (W x H x D and weight): 173 x 140 x 176 mm; 1 kg
  • Peristaltic pump flow rate:0 to 120 ml/min

This medical device is manufactured according to current regulations and standards (IEC 60601-1) and according to the EN ISO 13485 (2003) quality controlcertification system.

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