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Implant Center 2 LED - Ref: F0270

All surgical applications (from implantology to periodontic therapy) can be dealt with in one single unit. The Implant Center 2 and Implant Center 2 LED symbolizes 

Its complete offer consists of three modes:he perfect association of safety and speed. Its elegant design, its convex shape and its large touch-sensitive screen make it the ideal combined device dedicated to bone surgery.

Piezotome for pre-implant surgery

The new technology triples the ultrasonic power in Bone Surgery, giving Piezotome 2 unbeatable rapidity, but keeping cutting selectivity. The Piezotome 2 LED handpiece features a long-life light ring incorporating six ultra-powerful LEDs (100 000 Lux). Cold light guarantees better recognition of the surrounding tissues. Really easy to clean, the LED handpiece is autoclavable at 134C.®

I-Surge implantology motor

The power of I-Surge brushless micromotor, with a high and stable 6 torque, operating on a wide power range from 100 to 40 000 rpm.

Newtron for all conventional treatments

Providing the precision required in conventional treatments with the Newtron LED handpiece for prophylaxis, endodontics, periodontics as well as conservative and restorative dentistry. - Newtron for all conventional treatments.

This second generation unites the quintessence of the latest Satelec® technology, in particular the marge footswitch that manages progressivity of the motor and the ultrasonics.

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Supply voltage: 100V-230V50/60 Hz
Equipment classification: Class I - BF type

Ultrasonic frequency: 28 kHz to 36 kHz

Dimensions WxHxD (without bracket):
472,9 mm x 149,5 mm x 339,9 mm
Weight (without accessories): 5 kg

Peristaltic pump flow rate:
Piezotome mode: 10 to 120 ml/min
Newtron mode: 10 to 40 ml/min

Multi-function footswitch (WxHxD):
311 mm x 181 mm x 209 mm

Footswitch weight (weighted): 3,5 kg

Handpiece cord: 2M