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Think big, Get a compact!

One unit, two configurations I-SURGE™ is available with:

- An autoclavable "Implant Ster" micromotor and a multifunctional footswitch. Autoclavable micromotor (20 to 2,000Rpm ; 72Ncm)


- A non autoclavable "Implant" micromotor and a progressive single footswitch. Non autoclavable micromotor (20 to 1,500Rpm ; 54Ncm)

For sterile acts, it must be inserted into a sterile protection. I-SURGE™ calibration system guarantees the perfect match between the micromotor and the contra-angle prior to use for getting exact values. 7 contra-angles ratios and 5 programs are available and automatically saved.

Its sleek ergonomic pump has an integrated system of opening and closing magnet. Extremely quiet and accurate, it offers four preset irrigation rates (max 100ml/min). This new pump system is compatible with SATELEC® cassettes irrigation lines (available autoclavable or sterile single use)



Classification according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa
Supply voltage : 90VAC - 240VAC - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Equipment electric classification : Class II, B typeI Surge
Dimensions (W x H x D and weight) : 170 x 100 x 195mm ; 1,1Kg
“Implant Ster” micromotor speed range (without contra-angle) : 400 to 40,000Rpm
“Implant” micromotor speed range (without contra-angle) : 400 to 30,000Rpm
Single footswitch (W x H x D and weight) : 130 x 40 x 120mm ; 900g
Multifunction footswitch (W x H x D and weight) : 185 x 180 x 155mm ; 1,95Kg

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