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AttentionSinus Lift Kit and TipsSinus Lift Kit and Tips

Visibility and security for lateral sinus lift

Piezotome / Implant Center: Ref F87319

Piezotome 2 / Piezotome Solo / Implant Center 2: Ref F87519

SL Kit REF: F87319/F87519

SL Pack REF: F87310/F87519

The Sinus Lift Kit offers the practitioner a straightforward and safe answer for performing sinus elevation.

The diamond-coated Sinus Lift tips for window cutting and the three spatula tips for membrane detachment are cooled by the sterile spray (thus avoiding tissue damage from exposure to high temperatures).


  • Fast and fine cut,
  • Selective cut*,
  • Fast healing,
  • Good visibility of the operative field.

* Limiting the risk of soft tissue lesion