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Intralift Kit and Tips

The hydrodynamic sinus lift technique by the crestal approachIntralift Kit and Tips

Piezotome / Implant Center: Ref F87336

Piezotome 2 / Piezotome Solo / Implant Center 2: Ref F87536

IntraLift Kit
REF: F87336/F87536

IntraLift Pack
REF: F87330/F87530

The diamond-coated tips, of increasing diameters (from 1.35mm to 2.80mm), are designed to drill and widen gradually the access canal to the Schneider membrane.

The sterile spray cools down the tips to avoid any rise in temperature, which
could lead to tissue damage.

The membrane elevation is achieved using the TKW5 by means
of microcavitation.


  • Minimally invasive approach,
  • Safe and fast technique,Attention
  • Selective cut*,
  • Hemostatic effect,
  • Fast healing,
  • Minimal failure risk.

*Limiting the risk of soft tissue lesion.