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Calcium hydroxide-based preparation

HYCAL is a calcium hydroxide-based aqueous preparation indicated for: 
• Maintaining a pH which discourages bacterial proliferation between 2 treatment sessions.
• Direct pulp capping or after pulpotomy.  
• Indirect pulp capping for cases of deep caries.  
• Temporary filling of root-canals if root growth is not yet complete.


The use of this product presents no risks in children (or in pregnant or breastfeeding women).

Product ready for use.

High pH (> 12) due to the presence of calcium hydroxide (45%), which discourages bacterial proliferation. 
Effective protection of the pulp. 
Promotes the formation of secondary dentin. 
Can be used under all filling and cavity-liner materials. 


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259 304 HYCAL (1 seringue de 2ml + 2 canules d’application)
Class IIa medical device (SGS)

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