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The Ultrasonic revolution in Passive Irrigation

. Non cutting instruments with parallel flutes respectful of the root canal anatomy
. Minimally invasive protocol 

F43807 IRR 20-21 mm x 4

F43808 IRR 20-25 mm x 4

F43805 IRR 25-21 mm x 4

F43806 IRR 25-25 mm x 4


Irrisafe Pic


. Efficient cleaning and disinfection of the root canal.
. Very efficient removal of dentinal debris, pulp tissue and bacteria
. More efficient irrigant
. The shape improves micro-streaming and micro-cavitation in fluids.
. Non cutting rounded end prevents damaging the apical constriction

Clinical applications

. Designed for the safe removal of smear layer, dentine debris and bacteria from the root canal
. Used during Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation (PUI) with Sodium Hypochlorite.  
. Irrigation of the entire root canal, especially in the apical area
. PUI improves the sealing of a root canal filling 

. 3 x 1 minute irrigation at the end of the root canal preparation.
. Irrisafe is inserted 1-2 mm short of the working-length.
. Irrisafe must vibrate freely in the apical area.


. Length of instruments  : 21 mm or 25 mm (according model)
. Diameter : 0,20 mm or 0,25 mm (according model)
. Irrisafe instruments should always be used at a medium power setting (30-35% power).
. Color Coding System : YELLOW= Endo Mode

Irrisafe documentation