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Mini LEDTM Black: Ref: F 05 400

Satelec's new Mini LEDTM Black is an affordable, high-quality curing light offering a dental industry first: it is the world's first-and-only cordless LED curing light, powered by 3 AA batteries.

Possessing a 10-second fast-cure mode, its power output of 1,250mW/cm2 combined with its wide spectrum of emitted light

(420 to 480 nm) enables it to efficiently cure virtually any composite on the market.

The Mini LED TM Black has a lightweight (135gr), ergonomic, penstyle design with a 3600 rotated light guide for ease of use, and it has no fan, for reduced risk of cross-contamination. It is delivered with a light shield which also functions as a stand to prevent it from rolling when not in use.


  • Multi-fibered glass light guide
  • Anodized aluminum handpiece
  • Latest generation SMD electronics
  • Very high-performance single L.E.D. built into a patented optic module
  • Operation: Continuous operation
  • Batteries (not supplied): Type:AA Quantity:3
  • Optical specifications:
  • LED for polymerization:
  • Wavelength range:420 - 480 nm
  • Peak wavelength:455 - 465 nm
  • Intensity: 1250 mW/cm2 10% with light guide ∅ 7.5 mm (∅ active 6.8 mm) without raising the temperature
  • Standards CE, IEC 60 601-1, 60 601-1-2