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Air N Go Tanks

Easy to prepare powder tanks

Your dental office cleanliness preserved:

The ultra-easy bayonet-type connector system CLIP-N-GO enables tanks of powder to be prepared quickly and in advance.

Treatment without interruption:

the transparent tank offers a permanent visibility on the powder amount used during the treatment.

Green for the 
PERIO applications



 Blue for the 

SUPRA applications


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Available Air N Go Adaptors

  • F 10 241 Sirona® adaptor
  • F 10 242 W&H® adaptor
  • F 10 243 Bien-Air® adaptor
  • F10 245 Midwest and NSK® adaptor

KaVo® and MULTIflex LUX® are a trademark of Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH & Co., Germany. Sirona® is a trademark of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH, Germany. W&H® and Roto Quick® are a trademark of W&H Dentalwerk Burmoos GmbH, Austria. Bien-Air® and Unifix® are a trademark of Bien-Air Dental S.A., Switzerland. NSK® is a trademark of NSK Europe GmbH, Germany.

Air N Go Adaptors