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SOPIX² inside digital sensor is a unique worldwide concept which protects patients against useless radiations.

Through ACE technology, patented by SOPRO, an exclusive communication is established between SOPIX² inside sensor and X-Mind unity intraoral X-Ray system. The X-rays emission is stopped as soon as the patient received the necessary dose adapted to their dental morphology. ACE technology reduces the patient’s dose by up to 52% compared to a standard exposure !
Moreover, the dose received by the patient is now traceable on the imaging software.

Directly integrated in the arm of X-Mind unity intraoral X-Ray system, SOPIX² inside offers a more ergonomic and well-organized working environment. Easy to reach, the sensor is always ready for optimal working comfort.

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Due to its ergonomically designed holder there is no danger of the sensor falling or breaking and always remains within hands reach for optimal working comfort.

SOPIX inside is internally wired eliminating the need for external wiring: ease of use and aesthetics of your practice.

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