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PSPIX 2nd Generation: new PSP-Scanner from ACTEON Imaging 

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After the merger of high-tech companies Sopro and DeGotzen, ACTEON imaging has been created combining years of experience in digital X-ray diagnostic. The image plate scanner PSPIX 2 provides within seconds intraoral images of outstanding image quality. It is compact, easy to use and has a beautiful new design.


Efficient, compact, simple  

  • Multi-function: The extremely compact PSPIX 2 can be installed for even faster scanning directly in the treatment room or used in the cost-effective multi-user version on up to 10 workstations.
  • Image Quality: The PSPIX 2 has an amazing resolution, producing sharp and high quality intraoral photographs. With the Sopro Imaging software the images can be further edited, exported or archived.
  • Intuitive operation: The operation is controlled through the colour touch screen, the operation itself is fully automatic: After entering the imaging plate no further steps are needed.
  • Ultimate Hygiene: The imaging plates are protected in the hygiene bags from light and contamination. The removable magnetic parts can be cleaned in the thermal disinfector.


Click & Scan

The "Click & Scan" concept of PSPIX 2

(1) If you use the PSPIX 2 in the multi-user version, choose in advance from the large colour touch screen the desired workstation.  

(2) Then, the imaging plate is simply into put the protective cover and inserted into the slot - the rest of the operation is fully automatic!  

(3) The scan is automatically optimized and displayed on the computer screen after a few seconds (8-10 seconds depending on the size of the film) then the imaging plate is directly deleted and output.


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 Please contact the Acteon UK sales team on 01480 477 307 or email, if you would like an 'in surgery' demonstration.