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Your best Choice digital intraoral imaging plate system

Easy to use, Clear and sharp images, High contrast images with accuracy to the smallest clinical details help diagnostic work, Repeatable image quality DIGORA® Optime offers consistent, enhanced diagnostic. Smart auto-optimization adjusts the grey levels of timage and compensates accidental over- or underexposures, resulting optimized clinical image quality and thus confident diagnosis repeatedly, without extra steps. Smart and automated functions 

DIGORA® Optime supports error-free operation. For example, system guides to use correct exposure settings and does not accept improperly inserted imaging plate. Plates are ready for the next use immediately after processing. Comfortable and safe thin, flexible and wireless imaging plates have 100% active area and are comfortable for the patient.

Proprietary DIGORA® hygiene accessories are designed for patient comfort and safe use with ease. Intuitive, simple to learn and use.  No need to press any buttons during the imaging workflow, just insert the plates.

Correct operation is guided with clear, intuitive indicators and supported by automatic imaging plate detection. Imaging plate collector design is optimized for easy and careful picking of the imaging plates.

Familiar, film-like workflow. Imaging plates have no cable and they are thin and flexible like film, so positioning is easy and convenient. Digital images are available in seconds automatically, without any additional manipulation. Patented IDOT™ imaging plate identification system.

Optionally available IDOT™ imaging plates have an individual marking visible also on the X-ray image to support self quality assurance by making it possible to find the plate that was used to take an image. Smart tool for all intraoral needs 


• Easy to set up, instantly ready for use

• Intuitive, simple to learn and use

• Familiar, film-like workflow


• Sharp, clear images for all intraoral needs automatically and repeatedly

• Smart automated functions and network sharing

• Comfortable and safe 


• Reliable, maintenance free design

• Wireless, reusable and durable imaging plates 

Summary of benefits

As other SOREDEX® products, DIGORA® Optime is easy to use and provides excellent clinical results. Every DIGORA® Optime is built on DIGORA® heritage. A heritage based on understanding diagnostic and workflow needs of dental professionals around the world. With DIGORA® Optime you can not go wrong.

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