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The new X-Mind DC generator is fitted with a Toshiba DG-073B-DC double anode tungsten tube (intensity of 4mA and 8mA). It generates a constant voltage of 60kV or 70kV. It operates at high frequencies and constant potential which enables very high quality radiation to be emitted, whatever the conditions of use. The choice of voltage (60 or 70kV) and intensity (4 or 8mA) enables optimal diagnosis of intraoral X-rays with a 35% reduction in exposure time, compared with monophased units. The timer can control up to two DC generators. The extremely short exposure times (minimum 0.02 sec.) are suitable for digital radiology with CCD, CMOS or phosphor plate sensors (radiation is 50% less that that used with "E" type films).


Classification: Electromedical equipment, Class 1 type B
Supply voltage : 230V - monophase 50/60Hz
Power absorption at 230V : 1.4kVA
Resistance of the line : 0.5 ohms
X-ray tube : New Toshiba DG 073B DC tube
High voltage : 60-70kV
Anode current : 4-8mA
Focal spot : 0.7mm
Total filtration : Equivalent to 2mm Al at 70kV Tube inherent filtration : Equivalent to 0.8mm Al at 70kV Leakage radiation : Less than 0.25mGy/hour maximum at a distance of 1m from focal spot Long cone : Focus to cylinder tip distance = 31cm (12”) Timer : Exposure time can be set from 0.02 to 3.2 seconds X-ray emission control : “Dead man” switch with 3m spiral cable Total weight : 25kg (weight of the head : 5.5kg)


X-Mind DC REF:

X-Mind DC short arm 40 cm - 59223160

X-Mind DC standard arm 80 cm - 59223161

X-Mind DC long arm 110 cm - 59223162

X-Mind DC Mobile - 59023163


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